Smile Right Dental Memberships

Dental treatment is like plaque and scale. It becomes costly and painful the longer it is left untreated!
Memberships offer a unique approach to making treatment more affordable and comfortable.

Memberships with Smile Right

Health insurance is expensive. With the planned premium increases due soon, more and more patients are realising that extras cover isn't worth the cost, and are cancelling their policies.

Now is the time for change.

A dental membership plan from your local dentist can save you and your family money by providing real value for a similar cost as a gym membership or a daily coffee. Your dentist has built their own in-house membership package, tailored to suit your needs - not an insurance company's.

How this works?

How does this work?

Once your favourite dentist has registered to offer Smile Right Membership Plans, getting started is easy!

We've built a quick and easy sign-up process that you can complete on your phone, tablet or computer... It only takes five minutes to enrol yourself and your entire family in the membership package with inclusions that suits you best.

Once you're signed up, just book an appointment with your dentist, and start claiming your treatments!

Who can apply?

Dental membership is for everybody!

As long as you're an Australian resident and over the age of 18, you can become a member with your local practice today! There's no age limits on the rest of your family members of course, so whether you have kids or are nearing retirement, a dental membership is the best way to save your family money on their dental health.

Get in touch with your dentist and find out if they're offering dental memberships. If they haven't heard of them yet, you can invite them to join!

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