Change of Repayment Details

To change the bank account used to repay your loan or payment plan, please download complete and return the Direct Debit Authority and Request form with confirmation of your savings, cheque or card account details. Please ensure you keep a copy of this completed form for your records.

Don't panic

It's important that you confirm your account details by including one of the following supporting documents with your Direct Debit Authority and Request form:

  • A photocopy of your account statement (please blank out all transaction details) or
  • A letter from your financial institution referring specifically to the nominated account details.

Scan and email your documentation to or alternatively mail them to: PO Box 7795, Cloisters Square WA 6850

IMPORTANT - Your Direct Debit facility will not be activated without your signed Direct Debit Authority and Request and confirmation of your nominated account details. Your change of bank account will be activated within two business days of receiving your completed request and confirmation of new account details. Please note that we will not be reimbursing any dishonour or referral fees for non-receipt or incomplete Direct Debit Authority and Request form.

If you have any questions concerning this form please contact us at or 1300 793 983.