Simple and painless financing for dental procedures

Every day we help our customers with personalised financing for a range of dental procedures
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Why wait? A perfect smile is just three steps away

Step 1: Fill out your details

Fill out your details

Our simple, guided application process takes less than 15 min to complete, automatically makes the required checks, and when you’re finished we’ll give you feedback in 60 seconds.

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Step 2: No wait, no hassle

No wait, no hassle

Once approved, we notify your dentist and you are free to commence treatment. Settlement of the funds occurs once treatment has been completed directly with the dentist. Hassle free.

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Step 3: Smile and Enjoy!

Smile and enjoy

Now you can continue with your treatment and recovery, confident that Smile Right has taken the financial burden away.

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Smile Right

Our goal is to ensure every one of our applicants can receive the best customer service and financial options for their dental procedures. We recognise the physical and emotional strain that a dental treatment can bring to a household and we are here to relieve the burden by making sure the high upfront costs associated with your treatment isn’t part of the equation.

Smile Right
Smile Right
Smile Right
Smile Right

The Smile Right Difference

Transparent Details

We’re completely open and transparent about our finance packages. There’s no hidden fees, exit fees, or any other little surprises that you might be concerned about.

A focus on privacy

Your information is held in the highest of regard. All of your details are stored in the same level of security as a bank, ensuring your privacy at all times.

Direct Payment

We take all the hassle out of arranging finance for your treatment. Once your application is successful, we’ll send funds straight to your practitioner. It’s that easy.

Help is at hand

We know that it can feel daunting to arrange financing for the unexpected, and at Smile Right we have a team of passionate and dedicated people who will help answer any questions and guide you through each step.

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